The Assemblies of God NZ

Freedom Christian Church is part of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand. A family of 250 churches across the nation. Each church is autonomous and self governing. Centrally, we co-operate to see the kingdom of God grow. Just as churches are important for believers, so movements are important for churches. They provide resources, fellowship and accountability.

The Assemblies of God is the worlds largest pentecostal movement. It has approaching 80 million members, 250,000 churches and is active in 200 nations. It was founded in 1914 in the US and in 1927 in New Zealand following the visits of Smith Wigglesworth in 1922 and 1923.

The Assemblies of God traces its origins to the outpouring of the Spirit at Topeka, Kansas and Azusa st, Los Angeles, (1906) and the Welsh revival (1904). To a large extent it was born out of the holiness movement of the previous century.

The baptism of the Spirit, as the experience of believers today, is foundational to who we are but it is by no means our only distinctive. Pentecostals have a distinct way of approaching Scripture and experiencing God.

You can find out more by visiting or the American website Wikipedia has a good if somewhat boring article.